Soosaithasan, Prasath

React developer

As an avid self-taught software engineer with 5+ years of coding exclusively in React and as an University of St.Gallen (HSG) graduate in Economics - M.A. Banking and Finance '16, I am positioning myself at the intersection between product and engineering.


I am looking to build meaningful, sophisticated and state-of-the-art applications using React. I primarily work in the Greater Zurich area, St.Gallen and Schaffhausen for on-site projects. Bern, Basel, and Stuttgart are relevant in case the project facilitates a fraction of remote work.


I co-organize the #ReactStuttgart meetup, I visit most major React conferences, and I heavily invest in learning from online tutorials and blog posts. I put in the work to keep up with the latest and greatest the framework has to offer and of course I bring that know-how onto your project as well.